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It’s 2018 and it’s the year in which we will have the general election, we are told. Precisely when? Well, Mnangagwa will decide on that. Nevertheless, it’s important that the opposition get their boots on a bit sharpish and embark on the campaign trail.

As things stand, Zanu are enjoying quite a surge in support and goodwill from a large section of the masses. One suspects that a big part of this positivity is mainly centred on Mnangagwa not being Mugabe because as far as the substance of this so called new regime is concerned there aren’t any tangible improvements in the lives of people to write home about. In fact, the trajectory of socioeconomic detritus has accelerated in the last month. Prices have gone up and continue to go up, cash shortages and corollary long queues are still a national tradition, Harare municipal water has become darker and prominent…

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Mugabe Caught Violating Ban on Potato Chip Imports


Zimbabweans have reacted strongly to images of president Robert Mugabe eating American Lays potato chips at his birthday celebrations on Saturday. Opposition leader Tendai Biti summed it all up when he said:

“The spirit (Mugabe) was munching Lays chips which ironically are banned for importation bySI 64 of 2016. There is a law for others and for the citizen. They were bathing in Johnie Walker Blue Label and washing their teeth with Moët whilst the citizen watched in amazement & disgust.”

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  • Peoples Democratic Party president Tendai Biti.

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2017 must be the year Zimbabweans refuse to be Governable


In 2016 ZPF successfully put Zimbabweans ability to unite into a permanently disabled mode. The oppostion is adamant in their refusal and or scepticism of coalitions. Social movements have had a bucket of water thrown over them by a none cooperative citizenry. A few ambers still burn bright on social media and in parts of the diaspora. But on the whole the fires of revolt seem to have been quelled and Robert Mugabe has found no reason why he cannot therefore go on holiday.

In 2017 I propose that Zimbabweans explore THE POWER OF DISUNITY. The power in fragmentation. The power in chaos. The power of refusal.

It is called SACRIFICE. It is individuals revolting, refusing to be governable. It is the oppressed rising in their sectors of interest. Nurses rising at their clinis and hospitals. Farm workers rising at the farm. Picketting at the farm gates. Housewives rising as…

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Restless Borders

Jean Kawara

Victoria Falls would have been the perfect spot for our honeymoon, except l saw this Baywatch scene on television that had me pondering on golden stretches of beach and the culminating waves of the Indian Ocean. I finally reserved the magnificent and surreal Victoria Falls as the official Christmas destination for the Pasipamires. It was incomprehensible the cubic feet of water that passed by daily and l believed that God wonderful works had me at hallo.
I was brought back to reality by my husband rustling in his sleep. I looked at his sleeping figure and l knew that love had been on my side. His bristly beard had covered his dimples, l smiled in satisfaction as l always wanted to marry a tall man and Prince was just that. I reckoned he was a demi-god, his brown eyes were like chocolate dipped in milky pools. When he walked he…

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Your Call! Sending Copies of Justice in Conflict (the Book) to African Libraries and Universities — Justice in Conflict

As readers will know, Oxford University Press (OUP) and I have hatched a plan to send copies of my book, Justice in Conflict – The Effects of the International Criminal Court’s Interventions on Ending Wars and Building Peace, to libraries and universities across Africa. The falls in line with our commitment to give something back to the countries and […]

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