A Young Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste !!

A (young) mind is a terrible thing to waste

Zanu PF deputy director for information Psychology Maziwisa says Zimbabweans should not expect economic miracles.”Rome was not built in one day. Don’t expect everything to be achieved in three months. give them five years.34 years was already too much.

This Apoligist should apply for the job of Minister of Propaganda and Desemination of lies .Right alongside the Pyscomotor Ministry.When you put all the pieces together, Zimbabwe’s future is bleak, To date We have a country that shuns excellence, and embraces any form of under achievement. This is the only country where mediocrity is celebrated day in and day out because our ministers are not up to standard .

Look at Psychology Maziwisa nothing more than a glorified megaphone as young as he is you would think that he could actually think for him self rather than being treated like a puppet on a string , This chibodoro look-alike should be bringing some fresh ideas instead he lies he sings and at times even does the occasional fashion shoot yet does not push for the youths or the country at all in essence he is just a bit of window dressing or eye candy for our young voters . I do not want to sound bitter but i suppose i am here we have a country that has Diamonds , gold , is mineral rich yet no body can account for the wealth . Our complaint here in Zimbabwe has been the thievery of state resources by politicians from a party that still claims relevance three decades after proving it has no business steering this ship. And the thievery has virtually become an official exercise. yet they blame it on sanctions and external sources .

The abuse of power by government officials and their cadre of followers is where the real issue lies. Corruption and Nepotism and are some of the outcomes of a society that is fast loosing its moral and ethical values especially when they get into positions of power. and as long as zanu pf is unwilling to be transparent or have the will to deal with all the corruption taking place in government then all is a waste of time, All talk and promises of change are just that ,cheap promises which we as Citizens should know as lies. Progress ,political and physical will remain a dream for the ordinary citizen whilst this den of elite thieves remains active . Worse still Maziwisa makes Chinos look intelligent from all the comments he makes .
If the truth be told There can never be enough change by the present government to make Zimbabweans change their minds about the dictatorship that sits in government seats.
Zimbabwe used to be refered to as the bread basket because of its ability to grow everything ,Unfortunately this has not been the case with our Motherland for the past 34 years a country as we are told having great amounts of natural mineral wealth but our people are languishing in object poverty with little or no access to basic health , schooling ,jobs no building of local infrastructure unless it is some hotel or party building or ministers house for example . No Grain Silos no Water Cachement areas just growth areas , no Hospitals no Schools no factory’s just more Police , more Soldiers , more Chipanganos and last but not least more War Veterans , are we the only country in the world to have a never ending source of renewable war veterans 16 years old and above in this day and age 34 years after the war of independence.

Unless you are deaf and blind i am sure all of us have observed what has been hindering and letting us down to progressive development in our country some people blame targeted sanctions that is their opinion yet never accepting the blame for simple poor leadership. WE have political leaders who have used the same ideas constantly, no influx of new people in to bring in new ideas be it in development or agriculture or just the general running of the country Most of the current leaders are the very ones who have created the problems they cannot solve and as a result the only thing they do is defend or justify the righteousness of those evils ,they stick to politics not to serve the country but for self-enrichment whilst young minds have being relegated to the back of the room not able to bring in fresh new ideas

Like Psychology Maziwisa there are many hand clappers who believe the only way to survive is to sing praise songs to the current leader making them Untouchables instead of holding them accountable for wrong doings of any kind .village chiefs have been used for political mileage mere campaign tools selling themselves and the people they represent for a few extra dollars and empty promises . Organisations have been started up by the government which have become counter to development where a few individuals benefit and not the communities intended then shutting down having failed never achieving the goals they set out to accomplish .

I don’t know how some of my fellow compatriots think but frankly i am tired of leaders always shifting the blame ,wasting our time and what little tax payers money to cite how the previous administration failed instead of facing the reality , Outlining and most importantly IMPLEMENTING the right development policies.Some of our Compatriots seem to think that Zimbabwe can and will develop by blaming everybody else and not accepting responsibility at all for our leaders.Our rights and security have been compromised by security services working along with the powers that be to maintain the current status.The definition of police is A body of persons making up such a department, trained in methods of law
enforcement and crime prevention and detection and authorized to maintain the
peace, safety, and order of the community) the ? question i put to you is are they protecting your rights as a citizen or not.

Again cabinet ministers are not appointed on merit but to protect the interest of the party and president . most of them have been promoted and retained because they are gifted in insulting opposition party leaders whilst not knowing what to strive for as a cabinet minister for the development of our country.Consider this most of our so-called esteemed so-called honourable mp”s have entered into politics when they were Poor ,so they have worked to alleviate their poverty and in the process amassed funds unlawfully.? Why is it that the very people who have being placed into office with nothing have interests that seem to be expanding and surviving better than the government positions they were placed into control of, one side has a drain of cash yet their personal companys seem to be growing with so-called unknown donor cash.We know where this miracle cash has come from, and why has our economy never grown properly..We need visionary leaders yes but we also need civil servants who are willing to implement and develop ideas that can bring our people and country out of its current state of degradation.Nothing conclusive has been achieved in the past 34 years and Zimbabwe can do better than this .


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