Is this what Zimbabweans have become?

What can i say? but a excellent article very thought provoking and to the point

Edzai C. Zvobwo


Who is living it up Zimbos at Home or in the Diasporas?

Let us stand together and fight to take down the dictators that have stifled our progress as a nation. The greedy man and women that have stalled our progress as human beings.

Johannesburg | 18-06-2014 | MGLI

“We are in the water! We are in the Atlantic and we have a white captain therefore we are living it up”. These are the words blurted out by a burly, Rick Ross look-alike Zimbabwean national based in the USA. “We are on our way from Southerton to pick up a Range Rover, we have just purchased for US$113 000.00” alleged an equally flamboyant Harare based individual. “Here in the UK, we are eating sushi and not zimukonde resadza with two small pieces of meat cooked with untreated water like people in Zimbabwe do, we are having a good time in the…

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