My Country Zimbabwe 34 Years and still Counting

My Country Zimbabwe
34 Years and still Counting


This brilliant article is one written by Nyasha Mcbride Mpani . He is a excellent writer whose article i had to share  with you  You can find the original article at

18 April 1980 witnessed the birth of my country Zimbabwe. The march to Zimbabwe’s independence had been a long, arduous and hazardous one with many sons and daughters of the land losing their lives to set the country free from colonial bondage. It was a protracted struggle against many injustices which hindered the growth and development of the black race. The struggle was to liberate and empower the black Zimbabweans so that they may get quality health care, quality education, equal distribution of the land, freedom of expression and most importantly their democratic right to vote for a leader whom they want.

34 years down the line having defeated the “white master” the gains of the liberation struggle seem to be reversed. Zimbabweans are not at all enjoying quality and free health care which the living and dead heroes fought for. The health sector faces a myriad of challenges chief among them being the human resource deficit. With an increase in disease burden and non-communicable diseases the government is failing to stand the challenge. Government does not have enough resources to buy new technologies to be used in treating such diseases as cancer. Staff establishment in this sector is not being carried out. A scaring fact is that our black government that we overwhelmingly voted for to be in power in 1980 last conducted a staff review in the health sector in 1983 when population of the country was 7,3million and now its 13 million and the sector is understaffed and failing to match the World Health Organization ratio of 2,258 health personnel per thousand people.

Souring unemployment rate continues to rise with many graduates who are being chucked out of tertiary institutions in the country resorting to vending as a result of failing to get a decent job. Social capital now determines one’s chance to get a decent job. Whom you know measures more than what you know. The scourge of nepotism is keeping more competent individuals out of jobs. Education which is seen as a tool to liberate and empower an individual is slowly being rendered useless by many Zimbabwean youths who now see “Hustling” as being profitable than going to school. The teaching profession which was so celebrated by many just after independence has lost its dignity and value and no tangible efforts are being made by the government of the people to restore value and dignity to this life changing career.

The liberation struggle that was fought by our forefathers was against unequal distribution of resources. Equality was one of the banners of the armed struggle. Struggle was for one man one farm. Now we have the country in our hands 34 years ruling ourselves and the situation seems as if the country has been invaded by black colonialists with white tendencies of having everything to themselves and not to everyone. Corruption is now rampant with only a few looting loads and loads of cash to their houses whilst others go home every month without salaries. Justice has failed to bring these looters to book and as things stand in an Independent Zimbabwe it is evident that being poor is a crime in Zimbabwe and their calls for equality and justices are striking on a brick wall.

As I celebrate 34 years of self rule in my beloved country Zimbabwe I ponder and ask myself these questions “Is Zimbabwe a failed State? Is this what our heroes fought for?”

“Long Live Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again”
Posted by Nyasha Mcbride Mpani at 05:35

Sunday, 23 March 2014


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