For how long should Zimbabweans suffer?

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There is nothing new under the sun in terms of moving the masses, false alliances, false piety, effected quotes, sloganeering, simplifying complex issues into trite phrases and appealing to the common men.

All this is synonymous with ZANU-PF.

They use all sorts of arguments that obscure their own thirst for power in their quest to win the heart of the electorate.

Really, Zimbabweans are tired of politicians who live on untruth, who share political ineptitude and bigotry thereby plunging the whole country into political crisis.

They don’t have well guided political maturity and wisdom, but they promise to eradicate poverty and injustice, claim to have solidarity with the poor and they say they subscribe to honesty and transparency. Shocking!

They have failed to live up to people’s expectations and they are irrelevant to the country’s politics let alone their families.

The situation is getting worse, and despite their old ages…

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