Xenophobia in South Africa. The Real Reasons Behind The Attacks…


     Ladies and gentlemen, unjani? (How are you, in Zulu, a South African language) We have all read the newspapers, seen the online reports and videos of the violent, deadly attacks that have left scores of foreigners in South Africa dead and seriously injured. As an immigrant myself, these attacks touch the very core of who I am. What is the difference between the unfortunate immigrants and myself? Nothing! I consider myself to be very lucky. They were simply at the ‘wrong place’ at the wrong time…
     Indigenous black South Africans are attacking other black Africans who just happen to be foreign. The only difference between the attackers and the victims is their birthplace; their country of origin. They are probably in the same station in life, going through similar trials and tribulations and pray to the same God for sustenance and mercy. Therefore, what causes the…

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