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Called Balla Balla in pre-Independence days, Mbalabala has a few of the Matopos-like boulder/outcrops…(often called “Dwala” in the local language isNdebele) dotted about…

MbalabalaThe area we were working in is communal land, commonly called “makaya” or “homes.” People from this area are offered a place to grow their maize, graze their cattle and build their home, either by a local chief or the District Administrator.

MbalabalaWe were there to site a borehole for the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Since a site wasn’t found immediately, and another survey was required, I decided to climb higher to get a better view…up here:


I stopped and took photos all the way up the hill. Hey – I need to breathe!


First stop was this lovely shady tree and flat rock to lie on!


The view facing north…Mbalabala


Half way up – I spied this tree…


It’s more of a  bush, although you cant…

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