Vendors aren’t the problem!


The minister of local government together with some army official this last week gave an ultimatum to all vendors to vacate from the CBD into designated bays or be forcefully removed. This issue which has been a bone of contention has caused a lot of discomfort. The issue has been debated in parliament, in main stream media and more interestingly on social media. So what is the big deal with vending in Harare?

The reality

The streets of Harare and many other towns are in disarray, it is said,

Kufamba muguta reHarare ukagumbura nemadomasi (if you walk in the city of Harare you may trip on tomatoes) Unonodonhera pamabanana, woumburukira pamabutternut (you will fall on bananas, and roll on butternuts) ukaita lucky unomukira muhembe dzemubhero ( if you are lucky you will land in second hand clothing) or else unopinda muchoto chekugochera chibage( or else you will end…

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