US Citizenship Rights Denied in Zimbabwe

US Citizenship Rights Denied in Zimbabwe
By Trista34 | Posted July 21, 2015 | Harara, Zimbabwe 0
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My name is Trista J Humiston. My husband Chris L Humiston traveled to Harare Zimbabwe for the demonetization process. We are US citizens, a long term investment in the Zimbabwean dollar was made prior to the deletion of the ten zeros of the currency on the XE international forex. I and my husband had reviewed the demonetization process and had phoned the RBZ several times and confirmed exchange rates of z$35,000 to every $1 USD. The RBZ itself had confirmed this exchange rate for the U.S. Citizens as did the IMF. We arrived in Harare Zimbabwe on June 24th 2015 leaving our two year old son at home with Family. We had been instructed by the RBZ to go into any local international bank to make our exchange. We had also expressed extreme desire to invest in the country through charitable foundations and organize our own as we have been tracking the suffering of Zimbabwe’s people and came to see this was a Country truly unconcerned with its citizens and land. Once arriving to Stanbic bank we had Full confirmation of the exchange rate of z$35,000 to $1 USD and they had already begun the process when the RBZ stepped in. We where then escorted to the reserved bank of Zimbabwe and where sat down by the head officials of the RBZ and told we had no rights to our U.S. Exchange rate and ONLY continued to PUSH Zimbabwean rates at us. We however knew this was a violation of our rights as US citizens and began the crusade to see justice. The Governor of the RBZ soon saw we where not just going to flee and phoned us in our personal hotel room at the Meilkes resort in Harare where we had checked in on the 24th of June 2015. We expressed great concern for the people of Zimbabwe and the desire to invest in the country. He then sent two officials from the reserve to our personal
Hotel room in beliefs we would finally see some justice we allowed his representatives into our room person hotel room. One man was the same that had pushed us away on our first encounter with the reserve. The other is still unknown as to what his true position was. They then began a two hour interrogation that was illegal on levels that we as Citizens of the U.S. Can barely believe.
We expressed desire to help this country through our exchange of this investment time and time again. To be told over and over the people of Zimbabwe do not need Charity and that we had misunderstood the communication made prior to our departure and that the reserve was not to blame for this miscommunication.. Despite the legal documented rates despite the words of Madam Lagarde herself. They pushed and pushed and pushed till it was coming to a all out screaming match as to why they where refusing the help of US citizens for their own countries benefit and that we as US citizens knew our rights knew our exchange rates of the ZIM dollar and knew they where illegally interrogating US citizens in the privacy of our own Hotel room.
They left disgruntled and unhappy that I would not allow them to stomp on our rights due to the fact that we where non “elites” here representing the investments of US citizens.. They REFUSED us! We then made an appointment with the economic advisor at the U.S. Embassy the very next day. We had hoped for their help and arrived to find Governor John Mangudya’s person finical advisor waiting with Rachel Myers in a room with the Zimbabwean rates yet again set before him. The embassy could not fight for us due to the scare tactics these men where going to in order to get us out of the country quietly. She then handed us a list of Civil rights lawyers which at that point seemed to be our only other option. The Govenors advisor did not say a word through this meeting and the only time he responded was when I spoke out as to legal action being taken and that it was VERY plain they have no intention on increasing the investors in the Country of Zimbabwe and to help its people which may I say are in poverty on levels the U.S. Scarcely sees and are policed all day long by the Corrupt Police commissioner that has made certain these people can NOT speak out in any way on the circumstances of their lives and what the government continues to force apon them. His advisor gave us a conceded look then stood up to try and prevent us from doing so. However we left the Embassy without saying a word.
We still remain in Harare at the Meilkes hotel. It is now July 8th 2015. We have obtained a civil rights lawyer by the name of Godwin Nyengedza representing Scanland and Holderness. We have spent our life saving and have been Bullied, Stomped on Shoved around and told we have NO rights..
Our long term speculative investment was legal and confirmed exchangeable during this demonization process of the ZIM dollar yet again confirmed at z$35,000 to every $1 USD on the news reports as by the RBZ itself.
The International monetary forex rates z$1
To USD $0.002.
They have denied U.S. Citizens of their rights they have denied their people the chance for other Citizens to help improve the Bilateral relations for future investors..
They blame the U.S. For what the call Sanctions on their country and the repression of their people. However we Trista J Humiston and Chris L Humiston will not stop until we see Justice for our Citizens of the U.S. And for the country of Zimbabwe to Finally allow their people to see that the U.S. Is NOT responsible for their poverty or the injustice of the people… Please take this Urgently! We aware they are stalling as MUCH as Possible and will stop at nothing to drive us out of the country by burning through any and all resources possible to us. This is corrupt and unjust on many levels NOT only for the people of Zimbabwe but for the ordinary Citizens of US that have and will come to help increase charitable contributions and trade.. We have been forced to now wait for a Zimbabwean lawyer to receive payment for his services of $1000. USD in what yet again seems like another stall tactic by the Governor John Mangudya. My husband and I where asked to sign a legal binding contract through the law firm Scanlen and Holderness and excepting payment without confirmation of their believe that there is even a violation of civil rights case. We are CRYING out for Justice and Help from the U.S. To stop the corruption and abuse to our Citizens, that truly have legitimate concern and interest in the people of Zimbabwe and creating justice and prosperity and increasing peace between our two nations.
Please take this URGENTLY! For we are quickly running out of resources while they stall this process.
The list of attorneys given proved to be a corrupt list of the Governor corrupt law firms that meet his purpose. Anything Godwin Nyengendza of Scanlen and holdeness stood to make off of the fraudulent case which he took without a blink on day one. After nearly 4 business days his toon quickly went from, “Our country owes you this”, to a hour interrogation on what physical proof we had of words spoken by the RBZ when those are knowledgeably recorded conversations.. Our embassy has proven to be corrupt or at least easily intimidated as Rachel Mayers did confirm the U.S. Exchange rate prior to our meeting at the embassy where we found the Governors personal financial advisor waiting next to her with a list of civil rights lawyers one being Scanlen and holdeness. We found the article about us being US spies a little coincidental after acquiring their sevices, and brought that to our attention as well by Mr. Nyengedza the day after it had been posted in the Sunday Mail newspaper. These are people that can not speak out and the only way they could possibly believe we where here to spy for the Obama administration was due to knowledge that they where defending themselves against allegations of illegal sanctions being put on the Country of Zimbabwe and not entites that are in FACT very corrupt! And has proven this themselves in every possible the U.S. Government and now simple citizens that are witnessing the horrors of being a Zimbabwean citizen. We came here for a simple transaction that was promised to us by the resever as we had a legitimate investment. We are now actively seeking a U.S. Civil rights attorney as we have dismissed Mr. Nyengedza services. We are fighting for our right as US citizens and NOT Zimabwean citizens for our given exchange rate and now we are defending the allegations against the U.S. And Obama administration for the supposed “illegal” sanctions against the country of Zimbabwe. Please help us in our crusade for justice we are running out of time and rapidly being depleted of funds, due to the three weeks spent fighting for our sovereign rights! Thank you for your attention.
We Want answers:
1. Why have they insisted on giving different rates for different series if they where truly demonizing their currency why are they insisting that every country applies to what is OBVIOUSLY a Zimbabwean policy when we as the U.S. No longer even operate under the same banking policy?
2. If the notes are truly “worthless” why are they BUYING them back in sieries and now giving 3 times as much for 2009 notes then any other series if not more?
Why would they not just announce the currency as demonitized like every other country in the world has?
3. Why have they pushed the demonization process back twice already and why dose the policy have two exchange rates for Zimbabwean account holders which is either 35 quadrillion to $1 or $35,000 to $1 USD? And what is the deciding factor on what rates they give for the 2008 VS 2009 notes? Why dose that matter if they are ALL being demonitized?
4. Why are they so HELL bound to get U.S citizens with a valid investment out of the country so badly “IF” what they are doing is entirely legal?
5. Is the Governor using the policy to scare prospective investors away?
6. Why have citizens that have nothing to do with the banking system of Zimbabwe considered the walk in “Public” when as U.S citizens we have rights to foreign investments, is the Governor using this to camaflauge the prospect of the 2009 series coming back into circulation?
7. Has the U.S. Embassy been party to this and driving away prospective citizens of the U.S. To invest in Zimbabwe using a legitimate and legal investment?
8. Why won’t the Civil rights lawyer Godwin Nyengedza who has been hired for our cause or the reserve bank of Zimbabwe contact the IMF to check the laws in regards to the protection of a U.S. Citizens rights to their investments? And why have they continued to harass and bully citizens of the U.S. Into a very obvious provision for Zimbabwean citizens ONLY?
9. Why will the RBZ insist the international XE forex rates that include a SDR with South Africa Rand and the conversion of the ZIM dollar into a SDR rate viable?
These are all questions posed to the reserve bank of Zimbabwe and for the IMF to now come into play and flex the muscles of our U.S. Citizens?

In conclusion we can only assume these are very corrupt people working for a corrupt government and the possibility that the they have NEVER intended to use this policy to “Officially” demonetize the Zimbabwe dollar and to drive away investors in the ZIM dollar seems very likely. We as U.S. Citizens have seen our fair share of injustice in the world. However they BUY back process is fishy at best. The FACTS that they continue to ignore when it comes to the citizens of Zimbabwe and to foreign investors who made legitimate investments PRIOR to the deletion of the 10 zeros on the XE forex, even tho that is the standard used for the years of the notes they continue to push that aside when it comes to payments that are rightfully gained by U.S investors…
Zimbabwean account holders as of dec. 2008 should not have different rates for different series, as if they are truly “worthless” and no longer going to be used the year 2008 applies to ANY Zimbabwean investor despite the year of the printed note. Since this was well before Sept. 2014 when Zimbabwe dropped the 10 zeros from its currency.

Citizens with legitimate investments are encouraged to come to Harare to fight this injustice and obtain the rights to their investments and helping the country return to a democratic status. The people may not have a voice. We as US citizens do and MUST speak out against this injustice done to the country its citizens and OUR legal
Investments in the prospect of the ZIM dollars.. Despite the Zimbabwean policy and rates.
Which we will LOBBY DO NOT APPLY to the U.S. As we are NOT “public” we are NOT “citizens of Zimbabwe” we are legitimate foreign currency investors that have the ability to use this process as much as Bill Gates and Rihanna ( pop start celebrity) including some of her friends, all had the opportunity to do.
I spoke with a Zimbabwean citizen and learned 6 banks closed 2008 leaving citizens with no prospect.. So account holder can’t USE this policy because no one has z$35 quad of ZIM in their accounts!
They have to PAY for everything children do not have to go to school as most are on the streets. They live off barely nothing and must pre pay for ANY medical help! If a child is sick and the parents do not have the money they do NOT care. The child dies because they MUST pay first to see a doctor then pay for scrips. No medical insurance… They pay for a little bus to get to work IF they have work.. It’s $1.50 a day. Then they must pre pay for water $80 for a month of contaminated water… They don’t take showers because it to expensive so they use the water from a well that is contaminated and use tub to sponge bath.
This list goes ON and ON and we are fighting for these people.. The police will arrest anyone for speaking out but IF they pay them off then they will release them..
It’s corrupt it’s sickening and I’m not giving up, I will NOT stop fighting for this cause.
One live off of $400 a month paying $700 for each child to attend school.
If they can not pay electricity they use fire wood to Hearst the home. Leaving no lights or any way any other appliances that require electricity! Even the ability to use a toilet.
These are conditions that NO ONE knows about and have continued to tell the WORLD they are BROKE! Yet buying back notes and selling them off to other countries to make a TON of money on currency they call “worthless”. This a crime and FRAUD! I
Have my network tampered with so I can not send this information out to the WORLD which seems to turn a blind eye to these conditions.. I have chosen to start a case that will go down in HISTORY due to all the criminal acts against me and NOW the citizens of the U.S. The RBZ has blocked from seeing these letters. The embassy of Zimbabwe had ALSO chosen to Ignore my CRY for the help these people MUST see.. As I’ve said there is PLENTY of proof and documentation on what WE have seen and been through. And now network tampering for the citizens 20+ and MUCH more that are trying to get through to these people. We are HERE and I have been underestimated on every level! The calls have gone out to Washington the prayers are STRONG and God all mighty is on our side no matter what! These people believe they are ABOVE the LAW and that this dose NOT apply to them in any way.
A spy was sent from the reserve bank to find out the information that I have and what I know and how I know it! I am FED up and they have been given Chance after Chance to do the RIGHT thing for the people. They have chosen to ignore us, but that WILL
NOT STOP ME from seeing justice for the PEOPLE!!
I am documenting what has taken place in recent events. We have been approached by the CBZ and have began to see help will not come to these poor people until the Corruption of the government begins to change from the inside out. We see the struggles of these people and know they are in such great need. I have recorded the street and the way these poor souls must live with no choice. I began working with a man that is working toward democratic change. Since this time I was lead to a man by the name of Dr. Cecil Madondo of Tudor House Consultants.. I met with him on July 16th 2015. He listened to this horrific story of lies. Interrogation harassment, bullying and seemed genuinely interested in helping us fight for our U.S. Confirmed exchange rate confirmed my Governor Mangudya of z$35,000 to every $1USD.. We had offered a 10% commission as was the usual rate for attorneys in the U.S. We showed him the exchange rate on printed Gazette then the exchange rate on for the conversion of the SDR into ZIM on the XE international forex that only happens every 5 years. He seemed to know what I was saying and that it indeed was a applied rate for US citizens. He seemed confident he would be the man to get to the job done.. We left the office satisfied he was on our side.. He then phones us at our hotel and told My husband and I that we would be meeting with the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe the Central bank of Zimbabwe and that we would be offered an amount as of July 18th 2015.. At 2pm. We had booked a conference room in believes a team on bankers and lawyers would be present and a NDA was required.. Apon his arrival he was dressed very casually and came alone.. The man representing the movement in which we have generously offered half of the proceeds for the movement was present as well! We did not understand what was going on till we sat down in lounge area and the Dr. Made a phone call and and then handed me the phone. The man on the phone, apparently a banker then tried to buy us off with $100,000,00.00 giving half to charity and 10% to Dr. Cecil leaving us with 40k! We could not believe we had walked into another trap set up by the Governor yet again! Another attempt to bribe us into a exchange rate that was FAR off from the exchange rate that is confirmed Z$35,000 to every $1 USD. We are out of time out of money and in need of REAL assistance. We can’t scarcely believe the levels this has gone to in Oder to stall us Brake us and deny us the right to the SDR forex rates and the confirmed rate of 35,000 to $1.. We have spoke to Charles Camp and he seems to be the man for this kind of case. Which now criminal charges apply to against my husband and I. We have been fighting for dear life and Zimbabwe has slammed all doors possible. Including blocking our calls to Washington for help and calling out to any friends or family. They have blocked all my personal emails sent to the RBZ and now the Zimbabwean embassy.
We are only seeing what we confirmed from many sources including the RBZ itself. Yet calling Madam Lagarde a Liar.. Which did not sit well with me by any means..
Pleas help us and help stop the injustice and criminal acts that continue to take place here on a daily basis… We depart this Tuesday! Pleas pleas help us. We have fought like none others… We would like to obtain Mr. Camps he has a very high price for his services even as cut and dry as this is. However we can not and will not just cave in after we have gone so far we are asking for the assistance to stop this and begin to truly help this country and see our rights without the harassment of the Governor’s people and police and now bribery that has begun. We have been here for one month and have used every resource there is to use in Zimbabwe and have found NOT a single one will make a case on a U.S. Citizens behalf. Instead of going through the proper channels they continue to push Zimbabwean laws and continue the harassment the interrogations the propaganda used through their Media outlets. Now they have resorted to bribery.. We have come to here to fight for a movement that will bring democracy back into the country. There are very few in power that want to see this become a reality for these poor souls with no voice. I have documented all of our experiences here and recorded the horror that has taken place and been done.
We can ONLY PRAY that this nightmare ends soon. I do believe if it where up to the RBZ and CBZ they would prefer us dead before we leave here and speak of the horror myself and husband have experienced.
It is time for the U.S. Citizens and officials to stop the lies the harassment the scare tactics and the idea that Obama is responsible for their poverty levels.. They Must know just how corrupt this Government truly is. That all proceeds from charitable foundations go through them first and they pocket it ALL. That there is NOT a single cent put into the country.. There can NOT be inflation when there are no consumers.. These people are living off of The profits of South Africa not Zimbabwe.. The Government is BEYOND any corruption the U.S. Could imagine and even our President needs to be defended as to the allegation’s of sanctions that they continue to tell the people in order for them to remain in these
The inflation dose NOT exist the money goes into the Zimbabwe Government pockets leaving the streets of the city in completely unsanitary condition to the point of disgust! The people sleep in the parks on the ground and the police just walk on by ignoring the hundreds of homeless buggers sleeping on the hard ground. Some with very small children laying on concrete and having nothing but the dirty cloths on their backs..
I’m SHOCKED I’m DISGUSTED and we are fearing for our lives now. We have been
Followed by the police and others that are told what to do by the RBZ..
May this reach you quickly!!!

Thank you ever so much may God Bless,
This article is just to people know they are not alone in experiencing corruption in Zimbabwe ,this American couple had been through a process considered normal by most Zimbabweans so used to corruption


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