Dear short-sighted individual or corporate citizen:

Yes you who prefers to remain politically ‘neutral’; Yes you who is chief critic of any citizen protest movement without offering any alternatives; Yes you who is happy to be the only one who is thriving amongst your peers; Yes you who is presently one of the very few benefiting from a system that has disenfranchised 85% of the citizenry; Yes you who STAY 1believes that your individual profit from today is worth more than the collective gain of the majority in the long run; Yes you who fails to realize that it is your taxes that are sustaining a system that has forgotten its mandate to serve the people who oil its coffers; Yes you who is unmoved by the wailing of mothers beating empty pots as they cry out against hunger and poverty because you have never been to bed on an empty stomach; Yes you who forgets that we need to live our children a better country than the one we inherited. You are either a coward or you lack empathy for your fellow citizens or you are just part of the rot. So go ahead: sit by and quietly watch whilst fellow citizens are tortured and brutalized by the police; sit by and quietly watch whilst the few brave ones are abducted, arrested, detained or summoned for questioning for doing nothing except exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights to demand accountability from a non-functional Government and self-serving leadership. Go ahead and set up your stall tomorrow or open your doors for business “as usual” when there is nothing “usual” about our situation. Just remember that  Each choice has consequences. Sit and do nothing and maintain the current status ,Or participate and reap the benefits of change .



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