Zimbabwe’s election – what use were the monitors?


So did President Robert Mugabe win a sweeping victory in a largely free and fair election, as the African Union would have us believe?

Or was it seriously compromised, as the 7,000 local monitors of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network suggest?

 Just compare the two statements. For the African Union:
  • “Zimbabweans went to the polls with enthusiasm and in large numbers to elect their President, Parliamentarians and Local Authorities. The voting and counting processes took place in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Most of the polling stations observed by the AUEOM opened on time and were generally fully staffed, with all the required materials, and adequately secured by the Zimbabwe Republican Police [ZRP].
  • The poll followed a generally peaceful campaign period for which the Mission commends Zimbabwean citizens and political parties who consistently conveyed messages of peace and non-violence to their supporters and the public at large.
  • The…

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