#ThisFlag and student activism

Mwana Wevhu

Student activism in Zimbabwe is not a new phenomenon. Starting duringthe Second Chimurenga, student activism continued after the Independence, with studentprotests of note in the 1990s and early 2000s.

By nature, universitiesencourage young bright minds to see the realities of their society. As a student, you are being prepared to enter the wide world, and you’re toldto go out there and make a change, to serve the greater good, to be the difference. That impetus to make yourmark, coupled with the tenacity of youth, means that students have created their own formof activism, a mix of protest action and intellectual debate, which pushes for immediate change while laying foundation for long-lasting reform.

2016 has seen activism in Zimbabwe come to the forefront, with campaigns such as#OccupyAfricaSquare, #ThisFlag, #Tajamuka, and #BeatThePot. I followed each of these protests with keen interest and after I left home to come back to school, the…

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